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Second Music & Fun - Records Munich

CD - DVD - LP - Bluray - Vinyl - Records Munich

Hello and welcome to Second Music & Fun - CD - DVD - LP - Bluray - Schallplatten München

Hello and welcome to Second Music & Fun - CD - DVD - LP - Bluray - Schallplatten München

Hello and welcome to Second Music & Fun - CD - DVD - LP - Bluray - Schallplatten München

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Buy second hand media cheap

At you will find a huge selection of second-hand media in the form of DVDs, CDs or Blurays as well as unusual second-hand vinyl records for collectors on a sales area of over 100m2. If you are looking for rarities, you will find them here. We not only offer unusual second hand vinyl records for collectors, but also old videos. We are constantly adding new purchases to our range and can therefore offer you a huge selection of second-hand media at a reasonable price.

Not looking for anything specific, but just want to browse through our old treasures? Come by our store in the center of Munich and browse through our wide range of media in various music genres and old films. We even carry re-imports so that you can watch certain films in the original. We promise you will not leave our store empty-handed. If you are not sure whether you really like the recording, you can test listen to any medium. - Second hand recordings for every taste

It doesn’t always have to be new … does it? Good quality is also available second-hand. And you support the idea of sustainability by doing something to counteract today’s throwaway society. Second hand sound carriers in good condition can be reused. Other users are delighted with rare second-hand sound carriers. At

is the right place if you are looking for rarities or unusual vinyl records for collectors. Here you will find unusual vinyl records. We also buy old vinyl records and sound carriers. Just come and see us. We expertly examine your material and buy your second-hand sound carriers for cash. This means you can use the yield again immediately.

No matter whether you have run out of space for your collection due to a move, want to downsize your collection or have lost the love for your collection – with us you can convert your well-kept collection into cash. It’s very simple. Either come to us at Theresienstraße 114, or contact us by phone at 089/52389531 or by e-mail at
and make a personal appointment. Alternatively you can use our
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and leave us a message. If your collection is particularly extensive or you have no means of transportation, we will be happy to come to your home and collect the goods.

We provide you with all second-hand media, quality-checked by experts. It is very important to us to maintain a high standard of quality – so buying used becomes a real pleasure. Benefit from the

  • wide range of individual and collector’s items as well as genuine rarities
  • convenient shopping via our store on the Amazon marketplace

Find unusual vinyl records for collectors, other second-hand sound carriers or old videos for yourself. We offer a huge selection of second hand media that is constantly changing. So you too can find your personal highlight.

The traditional vinyl record - a journey through time

At the end of the 16th century, the Italian scientist Giovanni Battista della Porta was already thinking about recording and reproducing the human word. The breakthrough in technology came on July 18, 1877, when the American electrical engineer Thomas Alva Edison succeeded for the first time in recording and reproducing the human voice.

At the same time, the German inventor Emil Berliner, who had emigrated to the USA, researched sound recording on a record and was successful. On November 6, 1898, he and his brother Joseph founded Deutsche Grammophon GmbH in Hanover, where the first records were mass-produced.

In 1902, the famous Italian opera tenor Enrico Caruso heralded the worldwide triumph of the record. He made records socially acceptable and the demand for these sound carriers rose abruptly. The round sound carrier became a hit on every continent. The gramophone as a playback device came onto the market in May 1888.

Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) was first used as a base material on June 21, 1948, when the Hungarian-American physicist Dr. Peter Goldmark discovered that PVC significantly improved sound quality as a record material. PVC thus replaced shellac as the base material, especially as it is more flexible to use and less sensitive as a material.

Records - A product with many variations

Not all records are the same – they come in all shapes and sizes. To show you how versatile a vinyl record can be, we have shown you the different shapes in more detail:

  1. Normal records – Vinyl records are coming back into fashion. No wonder, because they offer a pure sound experience. Whether jazz, classical or rock/pop cult music – the record that has almost disappeared since the 1970s is back. And it is no longer a collector’s item, but is almost more popular than CDs.
  2. Single records – Singles are a specialty. They are also vinyl records, but unlike their big brother, a single only contains one favorite song. There are three different formats:
  • the classic 7-inch and
  • the 10-inch and
  • the maxi single with an extended playing time.

But why is the vinyl record so popular again? Lovers enjoy the feeling of holding such a physical format in their hands. Fans know that haptic media – like the old vinyl record – will never die out, because they still fascinate people today.

Escape the digitally dominated world with vinyl records

Anyone hoping for perfect sound from a vinyl record is usually disappointed. It’s the noise that makes the analog vinyl record so special. It is precisely their imperfections, such as the subliminal crackling, the typical pops and the hissing of scratches and dust, that make old vinyl records an unmistakable listening experience that is unique to each record.

But there is more to the resurgence in popularity of vinyl records. It is the unique ritual of playback that is completely left out when digital music is called up. The vinyl record must first be selected and then placed on the turntable. The playback needle must now be carefully placed on the spinning disk. Now begins the phase of attentive listening – and enjoyment.

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