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Used sound carriers at a low price

Are you looking for something unusual or unique? But perhaps you are also a bargain hunter? Then come to Second Music & Fun. Our constantly growing range always has surprises in store and makes our store a real treasure trove for rarities and rare collector’s items! Our extensive vinyl record collection is particularly exciting and versatile. There is nothing in our store that does not exist. Visit us at Theresienstra├če 114 and see for yourself.

We offer a spectacular selection of second-hand recordings and old movies – there is something for every musical taste. Whether you like the gems of 1980s rock and pop, love the rare jazz recordings of the 1940s or are looking for records of 1970s krautrock – you are sure to find the right thing in our huge selection of second-hand records. With us you can buy second hand rarities at a reasonable price and you can listen to all sound carriers. Visit us to find new highlights for your collection!

What you should bear in mind

A few words about the formalities that apply here: If you would like to buy used sound carriers from us at a low price, this is only possible against cash payment. For technical reasons we do not offer card payment. However, you will find an ATM just a few steps away from our store, so this should not be a problem. Simply reserve your personal selection of second-hand media with us, make a quick trip to the ATM and pay later with the freshly withdrawn cash. The saying "gone, gone" does not apply to us.

Buy our second hand rarities at low prices

Take a look at our exceptional selection of second-hand recordings in our 100m2 store. Here you will find much more than old vinyl records. A visit to our store is like a stroll through an antiques market. You will find real rarities, can buy used sound carriers at low prices and can enjoy the special ambience of our store.

In addition to the sale of records, we also offer the purchase of used vinyl records. You also have the opportunity to exchange the vinyl records you have brought with you for records from our constantly changing range. You can find these types of sound carriers and media with us:

  • Records
  • Vinyl records
  • CDs
  • DVDs
  • Blu-Rays

You don’t even have to be a fan or collector to be thrilled by our extensive range of used media. Thanks to the wide range on offer, you will find the right thing, even if you have an unusual taste in music. And if, contrary to expectations, you don’t find what you’re looking for, just drop by again – you’ll find a different range.

Buy used sound carriers cheaply - for more environmental protection

You can find used sound carriers and media at a low price. Many of the rarities you will find here are probably no longer available in regular shops. But that’s not all. By buying second-hand media, you not only get rare individual items and can also save money, but also do something good for the environment.

When you buy old films and used sound recordings from us at a low price, you are actively helping the environment and contributing to the fight against the climate crisis. In today’s throwaway society, you should think carefully about whether it is worth buying used but well-preserved second-hand media at a low price and returning them to the recycling cycle.

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